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Parks Holistic Health

Your journey to holistic mental healing begins here!


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You did it! 

I’m excited for your decision to explore holistic mental-health healing. You deserve to feel good. Happiness is your birthright.

Are you ready to move from existing to holistically THRIVING? Sign-up TODAY!

Private Holistic Mental Wellness Coaching 

Get the one-on-one professional guidance you need to start living the mental wellness lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Get judgmental free holistic mental-health healing wherever you are!

During our initial session, we will sit, talk, and start to establish your goals. After that we will schedule check-ins to discuss goals from the past week, celebrate what you have accomplished, discuss what barriers may have gotten in the way, and make adjustments moving forward.

A huge key to transforming your relationship habits and overall lifestyle is having access to quality holistic-healing education. With my flexible private session programs, we literally meet wherever you are on your mental-health journey to help you achieve the mental-health wellness you deserve.

During your one (1) hour session you will receive:

Direct access to me --virtually or locally in Atlanta, G.A.

One (1) hour of coaching session. Including unlimited text and email.

Quarterly assessments to monitor your goals. 

Sessions are completed virtually through Zoom or via phone. 

Free Wellness Consultation

An opportunity for you to talk about your life, what you have always dreamed of and the goals you would like to accomplish for your mental wellness and happiness.

Holistic Mental Wellness Coaching

Get the one-on-one professional guidance that you need to start living the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. This is the perfect opportunity to redesign your life from the comfort of your home with this online program.

Program Prices

 Find the best fit for you!

6 Session (3 Month) Package 


Per Package

Best Package Offer

1 hr session

Holistic solutions

Focused attention

Life Activating

Mental Wellness Coaching


Per Session

1 hr session



Personalized Solutions